11:15 am - 01:00 pm

Celebrate Marriage & Family Luncheon

Complimentary luncheon hosted by longtime Coach and Wife, Mike & Jacci Lightfoot, for Couples and children ages 12+ to celebrate coaching families and encourage you on your journey. Coach Barclay and Hope Radebaugh with their family will share their testimony and insight from their personal journey.

Reserve your seats at www.nationsofcoaches.com/marriage-family-ministry/

Childcare available (ages 6-11) across hall in Atlanta Ballroom


Radebaugh Family Bio

The Radebaugh’s  have been a coaching family for 33 years.  Barclay has served as the head men’s basketball coach at Charleston Southern University for the past 15 years.  His coaching career started at Wofford College in 1988, two weeks after he and Hope were married. (That was a crazy venture just after the honeymoon!)  After coaching only one year at Wofford, their young family unknowingly would make several more stops, adding three beautiful kids along the way, before settling in at Charleston:

Furman Univ. , University of South Carolina , Winthrop Univ. , Queens University of Charlotte, Univ. of Miami, and finally Charleston Southern.

Anna, now 28 was born in Greenville, SC while Barclay was coaching at Furman.  She is married to Don Bruner of Charleston and they have a beautiful one year old, the first grandchild, Ruth Laurel. Anna works as a Spanish teacher and worship leader, Don is a nurse – they live in Charleston.

Reid and Sophia were born in Columbia, SC while Barclay was coaching at the University of South Carolina.

Reid is 24 and will finish his Psychology Degree/Economics Minor from Charleston Southern this August.  He plans to pursue a career in counseling/life coaching, connecting his passion for holistic wellness to the local church and/or sports ministry.

Sophia, 22, is a senior at Clemson Univ.  She is passionate about sports, particularly sports media and plans to pursue a career in sideline reporting.

Both Reid and Sophia would likely want you folks in the audience to know they are open to any job you may have for them right now! They’re available for hire!  LOL!

Barclay continues to be passionate about the game of basketball after all these years.  He LOVES his players, the game, the smell of the gym and anything basketball related. After many hours at the gym, he’s always up for a good basketball game on ESPN when he gets home!!  He simply loves the game. No hiding it! However, one of the most beautiful passions that has grown in Barclay’s heart over the past 4 years is the passion to coach shame free. God has placed this in his heart and will remain his new life goal until the day he puts down the whistle.  His highest value is for young men to become dependable men through the lessons learned in sports, through a program and culture that honors them first as human beings, not just athletes. Hard goal, God inspired, Holy Spirit driven.

Hope, a retired teacher of 28 years continues to enjoy the coaches’ wife life after 33 years.  She remains busy at home taking care of the house, the yard and Sully, their Sheepoo. She also  writes devotionals and books, works as an itinerant speaker with Forge Ministries -Colorado, and cares for her real children and her adopted basketball children.  She would describe this life as a beautiful God appointed – God sustained CALL -one that works best when Jesus is acknowledged as the DRIVER, while we remain the passenger.

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  • April 5, 2020
  • 11:15 am - 01:00 pm
  • Capitol Ballroom


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